Monday, January 31, 2011

Philips Acqsim Ct Scanner

Philips Acqsim Ct Scanner


    * Single Slice Wide Bore CT Scanner
    * Gantry Bore aperture 85cm
    * Tube Age: 2002 (original)
    * Tube Size: 6.5 MHU
    * Patients: 2/day
    * Tube Slice: 121,058
    * Gantry Slice: 121,058 both as of 12/7/2007
    * Spiral Option: Yes
    * Console: Single
    * Workstations: QTY-2 Voxel Q (Sun OS 5.5 Solaris 2.5)
    * System Condition: Cosmetic-9, Mechanical-9
    * DICOM Interface: Yes capable of storing and printing to configurable Dicom locations
    * Software: 3D Generator ! Power: 56kw

ACQSim CT scanner

Features and Benefits

The 85 cm patient opening eliminates positioning and accuracy compromises required with other scanners. Breast cancer patients can then be placed in one or both arm abducted in the area enough to be treated. It allows a patient with Hodgkin lymphoma standing with the elbows bent at the ideal position. Patient comfort is improved. 60 cm scan and field of view (SFOV) improves the accuracy of the dose. The full contour of the external body, even for large patients can be viewed using the wide field of view.

The complete CT simulation system includes:

SmartSim CT simulation software package connectivity to 3rdParty RTP Systems (via DICOM-RT)

Optional features:

Pinnacle3 radiation therapy planning software P3IMRT-Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning Software.

Medical Equipment Of Today

There are many medical equipment used in the hospital to accurately diagnosed our sickness. Many of them are very expensive. That's the reason why most hospitals today charge expensive bills for their service to patients.

In this blog, I discuss some of the modern medical equipment of today used by many hospitals to diagnose accurately the sickness of patients. Some of them are common and others is not been heard by many of us.

The most common medical equipment are:

CT scanner
Anesthesia Monitors
Anesthesia Workstations
Autoclaves / Sterilizers
BioZ Machines / ICG Monitor
Blood Analyzers
Blood Pressure Monitors
Bone Densitometers
Dental Equipment
EKG / ECG Machines
Electrosurgical Units
Fetal Monitors
Incubators / Isolettes
Infusion Pumps
MRI Machines
Mammography Machines
Patient Monitors
Portable Ultrasound Machines
Power Wheelchairs
Pulse Oximeters
Stress Test EKGs
Ultrasound Machines
Ultrasound Probes / Transducers
X-Ray Machine

and many more...

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